Gynecology Services

Texas Health Women’s Specialty Surgery Center has a trusted reputation for providing access to superior gynecologists in Dallas. If you’re experiencing heavy periods that are holding you back in life, we can help with our safe and effective endometrial ablation surgery. This surgery can significantly reduce bleeding or even stop it altogether.

For many women, a hysterectomy may also be a recommended surgery. THWSSC offers minimally invasive hysterectomy procedures performed by highly-skilled gynecologic surgeons with the least amount of recovery time possible on your part.

Some of our services include:

  • Ovarian Cyst Removal
  • Uro-gynecologic Services
  • Cystocele/Rectocele Repair
  • Fibroid surgery
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Fertility procedures

We also offer a variety of treatments for:

  • Heavy Periods
  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Infertility Issues

  • Pelvic Floor Disorders
  • Permanent Birth Control

Gynecologic Surgeons

  • Dr. Angela Angel
  • Dr. Steven Bernstein
  • Dr. John Bertrand
  • Dr. Kavitha Blewett
  • Dr. Wesley Brady
  • Dr. Jonathan Brough
  • Dr. Samuel Chantilis
  • Dr. Gregory Chapman
  • Dr. Sheila Chhutani
  • Dr. Rebecca Chilvers
  • Dr. Sooyeon Choi
  • Dr. Carlton Clarke II
  • Dr. Quanita Crable
  • Dr. Frances Crites
  • Dr. Vanessa Daros
  • Dr. Tara Dullye
  • Dr. Walter Evans
  • Dr. David Fein
  • Dr. Theodore Fogwell
  • Dr. Ravi Gada
  • Dr. Jerald Goldstein
  • Dr. Clark Griffith
  • Dr. Ali Guerami
  • Dr. Julie Hagood
  • Dr. Leslie Havemann
  • Dr. Eugene Hunt III
  • Dr. Laura Lawrence
  • Dr. Karen Lee
  • Dr. Julia Liaci
  • Dr. Samuel Lifshitz-Goldberg
  • Dr. Natalie Light
  • Dr. David Lombardi
  • Dr. Dustin Manders

  • Dr. Jennifer Muller
  • Dr. Lauren Murray
  • Dr. Jane Nokleberg
  • Dr. Dorette Noorhasan
  • Dr. Jonathan Oh

  • Dr. Satin Patel
  • Dr. Roxanne Pero
  • Dr. Francesca Perugini
  • Dr. Lisa Remedios
  • Dr. Hampton Richards
  • Dr. James Richards
  • Dr. Laura Rosenfield
  • Dr. Nidhi Shah
  • Dr. Tricia Shimer
  • Dr. Liesl Smith
  • Dr. Tracy Speight
  • Dr. Jay Staub
  • Dr. Mika Thomas
  • Dr. Nathan Thomas
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thurston
  • Dr. Felicia Tillman
  • Dr. Ali Toofanian
  • Dr. Rebecca Weprin
  • Dr. Ann Woodbridge

We are conveniently located in Dallas on the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas campus.

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